Use Great Subject Lines To Get Your E-mails Opened—


Fifty characters is what you get in a typical email subject line to catch a reader’s eye and motivate him or her to open the message.

The best email subject lines are short and descriptive and give the reader a reason to explore your message further. A subject line should clearly state what a reader can expect from your message, what’s in it for him or her, and/or what you want him or her to do.

Following are some tips:

  • Put the most important points first so they don’t get cut off, and make sure the cutoff doesn’t crop a key word, such as a price or date.
  • Avoid using all capital letters or strings of exclamation points, as they look cheesy and also attract spam filters.
  • Words such as free, sale, reminder and help have been shown to negatively affect open rates.
  • Don’t stretch the truth, over-promise, or make grand, sweeping statements in your email subject line. If your subject line doesn’t accurately reflect the content of the email, readers will feel deceived.
  • If your offer is complicated or difficult to comply with, people will become frustrated and hit the delete button.
  • Localizing the subject line with a regional or city name may improve your open rate, but including recipients’ names brings mixed results.
  • Humor, irony and attempts to stand out in the inbox by using splashy or cute phrases seldom succeed.The bottom line is to keep your subject lines simple.The subject lines should also be straightforward and focused on the benefits.  This blog post is an example of some of the Tips, Tricks, and Strategies we offer in our Monthly Group Coaching Program.  Check out for more information. 

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