Planning your week for Maximum Results with Minimum Stress—

An idea that could change the world could come out of a properly-planned week.


I had a moment over the weekend where my lovely wife and I were enjoying a beautiful, sunny, Seattle day.  Some friends stopped over with their young daughter and we had fun just hanging out and talking.  As I was having a conversation with the husband, he asked me what I had going on for the rest of the day.  I told him “I had a bunch of work stuff to get at and then I had to plan my upcoming week.”  His next statement just blew me away.  He said

“Well, it sounds like you don’t really have anything going on for the rest of the day.”

The reason I was so shocked about the comment is because I forget that most people in life don’t PLAN their lives, they REACT to their lives.  This was a perfect example of that.  The person I was speaking to is a good man and he’s loved by his wife and daughter.  He is not a business man but an employee in the shipping business.  He is comfortable with a steady schedule, health benefits, two weeks of vacation, and making $35,000-$40,000 per year.  He doesn’t need to plan because he’s not striving for anything else.  In his world, he is at the top of his game and he’s winning in his eyes.  I think that’s fine for him but I am the complete opposite of that.  I strive to provide great content, training, and guidance to my clients who will in turn help me to achieve all the goals I have in my life.

It’s my firm belief that

if you don’t know where you’re going, how are you gonna know when you get there?

So, for me, reviewing the previous weeks victories and defeats is critical to continued growth, revision of strategy, and improving my tactics for the things I am working towards.  I would never even think about going into a week without a plan of some sort in place with action items that lead to goals I want to accomplish.

By having a plan in place, I keep myself focused on the next action item I need to complete to keep my week moving forward.  It helps me to be prepared for when things don’t always go as planned sort of like ‘being the water that flows down the stream, not the rocks that try to hold it back.’  It’s very powerful to know what your next move and objective are going to be.

How can you start planning for a successful week?

For me, it all starts with the Monthly Goal Planning Session.  When I get to the last few days in any month, I sit down and list the following 4 categories:

  1. Business
  2. Personal Development
  3. Financial
  4. Thing

Those are the basic goal categories that I use every month.  Then I’ll list individual goals under each one of those categories.  It looks something like this:


  • Get 5 new referrals that turn into clients in May
  • Offer a FREE Time Management course with a Blog Post

Personal Developmet

  • Dedicate 10 hours towards charity work at WestSide Baby
  • Increase my Spanish learning by two course levels
  • Take a Spring Barrel Wine Tasting Trip with my wife


  • Earn $ of income from various sources
  • Submit business taxes


  • Sign up for two wine clubs
  • Purchase one case of wine
  • Buy a new suit
  • Buy a spring jacket

When I first write my list, I’ll just write down everything I can think of in about 7 minutes for each category.  Once I finish that, I narrow down the list and get more specific.

Once I have my monthly plan in place and posted, I work to fill out my week by crossing off the action Items and goals that I have created.  I add in time for working out, meditating, and for strategizing.  You never know where the next big idea and breakthrough is coming from.


The report is entitled ‘Managing Time Well’.

This report will give you suggestions on how to be more efficient and productive at work and at home.  Remember, just send a comment to this blog post and I’ll email you the FREE REPORT.  Also, we offer a MONTHLY GROUP COACHING PROGRAM for smart business owners looking for an edge in today’s marketplace.  Check out: for more information.  🙂


An idea that could change the world could come out of a properly planned week.

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