Facebook Ad & Social Media Services

We help our clients 'Harness the Power of Facebook and Social Media for Wealth Creation and Global Impact'  

We have entered a time where the customer has ultimate control over the buying process.  Our customers, clients, and patients are smarter, and better-informed than any other time in history.

Profit-Point Success Advisors is committed to helping you find your ideal customer avatar to generate an audience and build a tribe of loyal followers.  Once you start to build your tribe, we offer several DFY or Done For You services to turn that tribe into a profitable source of income that you can count on in your business.

We strive to make a Global Impact from our business as well.  We like to work with companies who are more than just profits and selling stuff.  We want to learn about the things that are important to you besides just having a great business.

Some of the things that we do at Profit-Point Success Advisors to make a Global Impact are:

  • Volunteer time at a charity for babies and mothers
  • Help with Senior Citizen Volunteer yardwork
  • Spend time with seniors at adult care facilities
  • Offer some FREE training lessons for business owners

Once your Social Media is creating revenue for your business, we want to help you to give back to the world and make a positive impact.  That could mean that you get involved with a charity or non-profit organization.  Giving back allows your business to get great exposure but it also helps you to create a culture of caring for others.  There is massive power that comes from helping others instead of always looking out for our own needs.

Profit-Point Success Advisors offer a full suite of Facebook and Social Media Services.  

Facebook and Social Media are an absolute necessity for today's smart and successful business owner.  If you can learn to use these tools in your business, it can allow you to connect in a very meaningful way.  Once you build these connections, your business will be the ONLY LOGICAL CHOICE when your customer, client, or patient need your product or service.

Here's an overview of what Profit-Point Success Advisors Digital Ad Services can do for your business:

  • Facebook & Social Media Training Programs for Business Owners
  • Complete Facebook and Social Media Ad Campaigns with a Guaranteed 2:1 ROAS
  • Retargeting services
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Lead Funnel Creation
  • Product Creation with monthly membership revenue
  • and Much More!!!


DISCLAIMER: Profit-Point Success Advisors  is NOT affiliated or endorsed by Facebook, Inc. in any capacity whatsoever.  The Facebook logo and Facebook name are the exclusive property of Facebook, Inc.  However, we do use the Facebook platform to help our clients connect with their ideal customer, client or patient.  At that point, we help our clients to offer their products and services so they can make a global impact on the world.